{:en}「Educate For Camp」ペルー・スタディーツアー{:}{:ja}「Educate For Camp」ペルー・スタディーツアー{:}

{:en}Educate For is looking for passionate individuals to participate in our “Educate For Camp Study Tour” to learn the history of Peru, learn about international volunteerism and project management. During the Educate For Camp, students participating will be a part of sports, dance, art, various extra curricular activities in order to participate in one “intensive activity” the second week. Members that participate will become the “Second Youth Ambassadors” of Educate For, and will represent his or her country, along with the Educate For Team in Trujillo, Peru.

The Purpose of this study tour is to increase the participants understanding and interest in NGO work in foreign nations, specifically in the areas of Education. Throughout this study tour, we hope to provide experience abroad to those interested in education, international collaboration. Thus, we hope that applicants are able to learn the means of leadership in a global atmosphere. Educate For Camp will be held from August 5th to August 16th. Participants are required to arrive to Peru before August 3rd, and will be leaving Peru after the 17th.

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own flight ticket, but one of our members will pick up and drop off participants to the Trujillo Airport. ※To those scared of traveling alone When your participation is confirmed, we will create a group with each participant in order to organize flight schedules and will be sharing important information and emergency contacts in both Lima and in Trujillo. 1800Soles・$600 ・Method of Payment:Payments will need to be made ahead of time via Paypal, but if you prefer we are able to receive payments in Peruvian Soles. ・The Participation Fee includes:Accommodation, Peruvian SIM, Pick up and Drop Off at Trujillo Airport, T shirt, Certificate ・Not Included:Flight Ticket, ESTA (For non-US citizens that need a layover in the US), any VISAs, Insurance (Travel Insurance is Required), Food, Transportation. If you eat out, it costs on average $2-$5 but many participants prefer to shop at supermarkets and cook at home. Activities

Participants will become group leaders in the morning, and in the aftrnoon will be in charge of activities of their choice. Group leaders will mainly help organize groups of 5-7 students and support the main teacher of the class. Activity leaders will be able to pick an activity they want to teach among dance, sports, art, and many other projects (extra curricular) but we will prepare you and will have time to prepare with the Peru team. Cultural Exchange We will dance a little bit of Salsa, Enjoy some nice Peruvian drinks and make some Peruvian food. Participants will take part of the cultural exchange we hope to do with the staff. Tourism Saturdays and Sundays are off, besides the night meetings we have, But we will be offering optional tours to visit the Chan Chan Architecture, some water sports in Huanchaco beach and also visit the Plaza de Armas/City Center. Intensive Spanish Classes The classes are optional, but participants are able to take part of intensive Spanish classes done by the staff and also learn phrases used specifically in South America and Peru.

Generally, we are looking for applicants who meet all requirements

    1. Have a passion for international NGO work and are able to take initiatives and critically analyze situations.
    2. Enjoy spending time with children through education
    3. Applicants who are studying in Universities or in Grad Schools
    4. Applicants in their 3rd year of University or higher
    5. Are able to work and communicate in English
    6. Have a basic knowledge of Spanish (Level A2 or equivalent)
    7. Are able to participate in every meeting, orientation and training
    8. Agree to share a room with other staff and participants during the study tour.
    9. They are financially able to sustain themselves during the study tour
    10. Have full physical capacity to participate in the program and have travel insurance.
    11. Participants underage are required to turn in a permission slip signed by their guardians The following requirements will also contribute to the selection of the applicant 1. Have basic knowledge of Science to teach to elementary level students 2. Have experience with education, and giving classes 3. Have experience working with children

How to Apply? Please use the following link to apply to our program https://forms.gle/ENofG9vX6GDDx4vg6

Gen, Kiyoku / University Student I took part in the Educate For Camp this time as a dance teacher for the past 2 weeks. It was my first time to spend time with non-japanese kids, and more being called a teacher for two weeks so the experience was all fresh and exciting. What I thought the most throughout the camp, is that the kids were too cute! Everymorning they ran to hug me, and were constantly keen to play, and I felt like there was barely a distance between us. Therefore, as I got to know the kids more and more, I really didn’t want them to grow up and suffer, or to have to go through difficult circumstances in their life. Furthermore, I understood the importance of protecting the smiles of the kids, and to make sure that they can continue to smile and laugh as they do. And to do so, education plays a huge role, and it is very important to experience and learn different things while growing up. I still remember the things that learned and experienced when I was their age, and I do believe that those experiences can open up many new doors to one’s life. Regarding my responsability as a Dance Teacher, I wanted to prioritize the fact that the kids were having fun. Everyday I was thinking of ways to make it more “fun” for the kids, different ways of teaching steps, and although my Spanish is not perfect, I did my best to be able to communicate with the kids. I hope that the kids were able to enjoy dance, and hopefully some to continue dancing so that maybe in the future, it can become their hobby or their passion, or maybe just something that can impact their life in any way possible. And through this camp, I was able to realize my passion for kids, and that I would like to continue supporting education and different causes in different parts of the world as well. I am very thankful for Educate For for letting me participate in the camp for two weeks during my solo-backpack trip. I was able to experience and see the joy of connecting with dance, and most importantly each and every student I was able to connect with. I do understand that there are still many children around the world who do not have access to schools or any form of education, and I believe that such projects and organizations are able to make a change. Thats why on my end, I would like to keep contributing to this cause as well. Lastly, I hope that this camp was able to become some sort of milestone for the kids. I hope that our conversations, the memories together, the things they learned could have made some sort of impact upon them.

Educate For is looking for が年二回行う「Educate For Camp」に参加をしながら、ペルーの歴史や文化、国際協力を学ぶスタディーツアーを参加者を募集いたします。


Educate For Campでは、1週目はスポーツ、ダンス、美術といった様々なアクティビティに参加をし、2週目に各生徒が一つ専門的に「やりたいことを見つける」事が出来るようにしています。
参加していただくメンバーには「Educate For Youth Ambassador第2期生」として、Educate For及び日本を代表して頂きます。



Educate For Campは2019の7月26日から8月12日の間に実施します。










Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.02.04.png
  1. 応募資格


  1. 国際協力に関心があり、深く思考し積極的に行動できること。
  1. 教育というアプローチから子供と接することが好きであること。
  1. プログラム開始時及び終了時に日本/海外の大学・大学院に在学中の者。
  1. 日本語での業務遂行が可能であること。
  1. 出国前の事前オリエンテーション(日本)及び直前研修への参加が可能であること。
  1. ツアー中、他ボランティア及びスタッフと同部屋で過ごすことに同意であること。(ドミトリー型の部屋になる予定。)
  1. 本プログラム参加に必要な経費の自己負担ができること。
  1. プログラム実施時に健康上の問題がないこと。
  2. 未成年者の場合は、保護者の同意書を提出できること。


  1. 小学生に簡単な理科の基礎を教える知識があること。
  1. 教育(授業を行う等。)に関わる経験を持つこと。
  2. 子供と関わる経験を持つこと。
  3. 英語での業務遂行可能であること。(英検準1級以上、TOEIC700点以上、TOEFL80点以上、IELTS6.5 以上)
  4. スペイン語CEFR A2以上取得、若しくは相当するスペイン語レベルを持つこと



大学生、清久 彦

僕は今回2週間ダンスの先生として Educate Forのキャンプに参加させてもらいました。2週間先生と呼ばれながら外国の子ども達と学校で過ごすことは初めてで全てが新鮮で貴重な経験でした。
今回、一人旅の中でこんな貴重な機会をくれた Educate For に心から感謝しています。ダンスで繋がれる楽しさや子ども達のかわいさなど本当にたくさん感じるものがありました。同時に子ども達への平等な教育を目指す団体の活動の素晴らしさを感じました。まだまだ学校に来れない子達や教育を受けることができない子達はたくさんいるので、このような活動が状況をより良くすると信じています。これから先、自分も子どもたちの教育の状況改善に何かの形で貢献できるよう努めたく思います。



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