{:en}Educate For Ambassador Program{:}{:ja}Educate For 一期アンバサダー募集{:}

{:en}Educate For Ambassador Program 
Educate For Program is currently looking for Students in Japan that can go abroad to teach the joy of learning and to motivate children.
In the long term, we work to enhance hidden talents, and maximizing the potential of the community, focusing on the children so that we can combat this cycle of poverty.

As of our first ambassador program, we are looking for students to go abroad (Japanese university students

Who are we? 

We are an international organization that works to combat the inequality in the education system. A world where everyone has access to quality education, and has the full freedom to draw their own future. As we value science, math and traditional education courses, we also focus on education through art, creativity, dynamic learning, leadership.

Our Primary goal is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United nations, focusing on “quality education for all.” Through education, we believe that we can achieve social development, economic growth and a happier society. Through international collaboration and the power of our volunteers, we work to make this happen. 

We believe in the power of education, and we believe that everyone has the right to access quality education, so we work to combat this inequality in the education system. 


Why are we doing this project? 

After counducting a servey, 30% of the Japanese population has never volunteered and from those who have, about half of the people has only done “one day”  volunteers.
Many people are interested, but are not presented the opportunities. There may be opportunities but do not have the money to, and many people are not able to engage in volunteering activities.
Therefore we want to provide an opportunity to university students to be able to be part of our program, to become global leaders and engage in foreign volunteering programs.
We want to achieve our goals with hungry students that want to impact children’s lives.

English proficiency is required. Please check the requirements below.


We are looking for studnets who can be ambassadors of Educate For team to go to Peru with us from Mid February to End of March.

Students of Universities such as ICU where you still have class in Feb, you can start the month of March.

First Application Process (Documents)

1.Pre-1 for Eiken OR 700 or above for TOEIC, 80 or above for TOEFL, 6.5 or above for IELTS.
(Even if your English Level is below, please indicate it and we can talk in person, or you can justify it in the form where there are places to write your motivation) 

2.Ability to teach basic math and science to children 

3. Interest in studying basic Spanish until the program date. 

  Students who have prior knowledge of Spanish will be prioritized.

During the volunteer program, you will be going to Peru with the Japan team and will spend time with both the Japan team but with the Peruvian Team


Important Dates 

September 15 to September 26 Applications 

September 29 and 30 : Interviews and short presentations 

October 13, Results 

Mid October-End : training on being volunteers and meetings with the chilean team and peruvian team.

November- December Planning programs, Helping with advertising/marketing of Educate For, Engaging in volunteer programs in Japan
January-February Finalizing programs, volunteering in Japan, helping with investigations for the Educate For team.
February to March – Six week Educational Program!

Dates February 14 2018 to end of March (dates may change) 

Place  Trujillo, Peru 

Fee   Y60,000

     (Please apply for the 海外旅行者保険/Insurance by your self while booking tickets)は

We will provide plane tickets, transportation in Peru and Shelter. 

Therefore、Transportation within Japan, Food, Daily Expenses, Insurance will be covered by the volunteer. 


Please fill in this google forum
Google Forum入力 


And later send an email to
Email Title: Ambassador Program


☆Phone Number

☆Complete the proposal for the program
(Down Load the proposal こちら)(Please download it, fill it and send it as an pdf. Please change the name of the file to your name, and any questions send us an email!)

Caution . Underaged students who pass the first process will need to get a signed permission slip from your parents. 

On the day of the presentation, please bring a signed form from your parents. 

Presentations and Interviews: TBA 

Instagram : @educatefor_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/educatefor/{:}{:ja}Educate For 1期アンバサダー募集
Educate For プログラムは、海外の教育的格差のある地域に, ボランティア日本人学生を派遣し、現地の子供たちに学ぶ楽しさを教え、学習意欲を向上させることを第一の目標にしています。


Educate For とは?










2月の中旬から3月の下旬にかけてEducate Forのチームと一緒にペルーへの教育プログラムを行える学生を募集します。




1.英検準1級以上、TOEIC700点以上、TOEFL80点以上、IELTS6.5 以上

 いずれかのレベルを満たしていること。但し、満たしていない場合でも応募は可能です。 google formで、モチベーションを書く際に、意欲を示してください。


3. 派遣日までに、簡単なスペイン語を学ぶ意欲のある方。




募集期間 2018年9月15日から9月26日

2018年9月29,30日 書類選考通過者のプレゼンテーションと面談

2018年10月13日 結果通知

10月中旬〜後半 Educate For Ambassador として研修・チリ・ペルーチームとの連携及びスペイン語の簡単な学習

11月〜12月 プログラム計画及び団体広報活動・ボランティア活動の参加
1月〜2月 プログラム最終確認・ボランティア活動・Educate For Investigation

派遣日時 2019年2月14日から3月末

派遣地  南米ペルートルヒィーヨ地区の小学校

費用   参加費として、60,000円





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件名: Ambassador Program






Instagram : @educatefor_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/educatefor/{:}