{:en}Educate For Girls{:}{:ja}Educate For Girls{:}

{:en}We are going to launch a Educate For Girls project in order to help women’s empowerment in the society where gender gap exists. In this world, 70% of the people in poverty are women. For this project, we focus on female students to raise awareness of their possibility in the early stage before deciding which way to go in the future. Issues of the gender gap and gender inequality have been discussed worldwide, and Japan also contributed to the issues. In fact, however, the income gap between men and women is about 30 % in Japan, and it ranks the 3rd highest among OECD countries; (OECD is composed of 34 developed countries.) In this situation, we want to give girls opportunities to be motivated to actively participating in society. We are going to raise awareness of the current situation about gender inequality, to hold workshops to let girls have confidence in presentations, speeches, and leadership. Thought those activities, our goals is to give each student next step toward the future they believe. We will be running this project in Peru, where gender plays a role in salary and education, during our ambassador program in Peru.{:}{:ja}