English For Everyone

The English For Everyone project is focused on the development of English Language Programs with international and both national volunteers in non-english speaking nations. 


As a global language, we believe that English Education is important and that is why we connect our Educate For Chile with national volunteers from all over the world and Chilean volunteers to conduct efficient and pratcical engilsh projects. Currently Educate For is working with Colecio Arturos Torres in Independencia, as we conduct our weekly english club.

As Chile, Peru and Japan are all very low in terms of English Level, we look at how we can assist the students especially with modern technology and opportunities.
The students are able to not only focus on the “normal” things but can focus on speaking and practicing, pronunciation while building connections with the international volunteers,

Educate For is constantly looking for new schools and more volunteers who would like to work with us. We value commitment and consecutiveness therefore we ask all of our volunteers to continue about two times a month so we can deliver effective and sustainable projects.