Japan, Being the third richest but the 6th poorest.

Japan, Being the third richest but the 6th poorest. Well what does this mean? Japan currently has the 3rd highest GDP in the world. But it is currently the 6th highest percentage of population below poverty threshold. (OECD Countries)    Resource: OECD. 2013. And in terms of single parent families, it has the highest poverty rate, … Continue reading Japan, Being the third richest but the 6th poorest.

Multimedia Workshop in Peru [Teachers of Life]

We are currently looking for applicants to take part of our Multimedia workshop in Peru, [Teachers of Life]. The workshop consists of seminars on narrative structure, visual filmmaking, sound design, interviewing techniques, editing theory, and documentary ethics. Teachers of Life: Trujillo is a narrative multimedia workshop where participants practice international documentary filmmaking around the theme of … Continue reading Multimedia Workshop in Peru [Teachers of Life]

「Educate For Camp」ペルー・スタディーツアー

Educate For is looking for passionate individuals to participate in our “Educate For Camp Study Tour” to learn the history of Peru, learn about international volunteerism and project management. During the Educate For Camp, students participating will be a part of sports, dance, art, various extra curricular activities in order to participate in one “intensive … Continue reading 「Educate For Camp」ペルー・スタディーツアー

[MEDIA] Japonistas Chile

Please check out this post by Japonistas Chile! The article is in spanish but it is about Educate For and how we combat educational inequality through South America and Japan. http://paulodelgador.wixsite.com/japonistaschile/single-post/2018/10/05/El-valor-de-la-interculturalidad-Chile-y-Jap%C3%B3n-por-la-misma-misi%C3%B3n

[Media] Peru-News

Felicidades a nuestra primera publicidad, que era en el parte de informacion entre Peru y Japón. Dijo la historia de Educate For, y como nació la fundación, porque nació y lo todo. ペルーの子供たちの英語教育を支援。日本の大学生が教育格差に取り組む理由