Liderazgo y Oratoria

This leadership and oratory program has the objective to teach leadership through dynamic activities to public school students. At the same time, we have started to include Oratory as part of our program so that students are able to maximize their potentials and learn linguistic skills to talk in front of people, etc.

The Educate For Peru team conducted this leadership and oratory for everyone project with the students of the fifth grade and Chan Chan elementary school placed in Trujillo, Peru. This program was the pilot program fully organized by the team educate for peru, and the materials and equipment were funded through our crowdfunding organized in july and other individual donations we have received over the past month.This project was organized by the Educate For Peru team, along with the volunteers of Educate For. We want to thank the parents of the children who have allowed them to go, the school and the teachers for participating and supporting us.

This program was organized through 7 programs, which was focused to teach leadership through dynamic activities and teach technical skills of oratory and presentation skills. The program has helped children to understand techniques of public speaking, learn about leadership and the importance of team work. The program has also helped the students to gain confidence in expressing themselves in the community the school, and we hope to impact them in the long run, to become future leaders.

Lastly we want to share the evaluation of this program. 98% of the students that have participated have said they see significant positive change through this program, and 42% have reported that it has helped them combat their fear for public speaking and getting nervous. Furthermore 38% has gained confidence in both their skills and capacity, and 18% has reported that the project has helped them see the significance of leadership. Therefore we see that this program helps maximize the potential of the future leaders and to prepare the young students in the long run.

One of the mothers of the students, Piero has shared her testimony, saying that her son had always been timid, and unconfident while talking in front of others but the project has helped him combat his fear and be more expressive. We hope to keep impacting the young generation and building programs to impact the community.