Kazuna Yamamoto. Founder of Elephant Kissed/ Elephant Kissed Kids.
ICU class of 2019, double major in International Relations and Economcis.
Studying at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile for exchange year 2017-2018.
“I think we’re really blessed in so many ways. I was always greatful of what I have, my education and I thought I’ve seen the world through my travels and volunteers. But recently, when I really saw people who don’t have much I really realized how much I’m taking everything for granted. My education, my government, health care, public policies, every single thing contributes to who I am right now. And I think that’s the same for everyone.
I think to a certain extent we can be very ignorant. That’s why I want people to know whats going on in the world. How are clothes made, fur coats, shoes from our favorite brand, even food. I think it’s important to know how and where are food comes from, and to be thankful for it.
Everything is a sacrifice of someone or something, and growing up in first world country I think so many things we have, we think is “normal” should be appreciated more. I think at this point we have enough things, and I want people to start sharing. Going back to what i was saying, my country gives me excellent health care, I’ve had great education with so many opportunities to do different extra curricular activities. Now I think I should start sharing my knowledge, of what I’ve studied in school, the skills and passion of the sports and activities I love and even possessions too, to those who have less than us. We have so much freedom because of all the opportunities we were born with but so many people in this world barely experience that. I want to inspire more people start sharing, to start realizing all their opportunities and their privileges, and to start sharing those experiences, knowledges, and their wealth with those who have less, to allow those of our age to have more freedom to chose their own future, so that more people can be happy in this world”