Current Projects





Currently, we are collecting Books and Letters to create libraries for the local schools of Trujillo, Peru. This project is focused not only on the distributions of letters and used books, but also on involving schools and institutions in Japan and Chile to participate in our international books and letters exchange.

Why Books?
In Peru, books are often expensive, therefore,  its uncommon for children and adults to read many books. At Elephant Kissed Kids, we want to encourage children and adults to read more books, as they are educational and a great way to spark interest in person’s mind. Books are a great way to explore into the unknown, to step into someones shoe, to contemplate the future. We are collecting book donations from Japan and Chile (preferably english books/Spanish books) to help the schools in Trujillo to start off their libraries with a collection of books to encourage children to start reading.

Why letters?
From the founder of Elephant Kissed Kids, Kazuna’s personal experience as a foreign exchange student from Japan, she realized that many children in Peru didn’t know where or even what Japan was. That’s  when she came up with the idea of exchanging letters, so that children can learn the culture and the lives of other children from across the world. There are many students who are discouraged to study, or cannot follow their class. The letters are there to motivate these children, and cultivate their curiosity, so that it will lead them to pursue their interests, passions, and, hopefully, education.

Collaboration: Peru Vivential
Schools: Colegio Fatima, Colegio Chanchan