Read to Lead

Read to Lead is a project that aims to motivate children to read, and use the reading materials to do artistic and visual projects.

Although the literacy rate in Peru is fairly high at 98% for men and 96.7% for women (UNICEF) the functional literacy, or the

–the acquisition of appropriate verbal, cognitive, and computational skills to accomplish practical ends in culturally specific settings. (

Thus, in Peru reading is not something the people enjoy doing, and not many Children read books on a daily level.

As Educate For we believe that a book can bring infinite knowledge and allows a child to live an adventure in someone else’s shoe.

We conducted a 6 week program where Children read books, acted out and created art projects using the material of the book, allowing children to be creative and use their critical thinking skills to make use of the book.

We received a big box full of English books from our team in Japan and also received Spanish books from local university students and the public such as the photo below.

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