Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Yes, getting a job can be very stressful and full of disappointments. But as the english man will say, “experience is the best teacher” even though wicked. Every successful person has his/her own story and if you think they did not struggle the way you are currently doing, you are wrong. They kept fighting until they won.

Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Yes, this is the exact sentence that your potential employer will utter for him/her to consider you suitable for a particular job. However, this sentence must be treated with utmost attention as it can really determine your future in life.

Let me explain a little about recruitment process so that you can really understand how this works. When an employer asks you to send him/her your curriculum vitae (CV), he expects to receive a lot of entries and so sorting it out to pick the most qualified becomes a very tedious job.

Nobody likes stress, I don’t like stress and I sure know you don’t too. So, for the the employer, he classifies all Curriculum Vitae sent to him into three;

  • Dead On Arrival
  • Qualified
  • Not Qualified

I know you might be wondering what I meant by Dead On Arrival, Don’t worry, I will explain. Qualified and Not Qualified are self explanatory, but I will explain that too.

Dead On Arrival Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Yes, there are some Curriculum Vitae sent by applicants to the the employer that are DEAD on arrival. This means that the employer did not even open it to check what is written in it.

You have lost the race even before starting. What can lead to this kind of situation? Keep following.

I will highlight some of the common mistakes that can make you fall into this trap and I will start with the most common mistake. Before I proceed, let me remind you that I explained to you earlier about “Nobody likes Stress”. Just hold that. Now let’s go;

  • E-mail subject and E-mail description

Getting this wrong is the most common mistakes that makes people’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) Dead On Arrival. When an employer asks you to send your Curriculum Vitae (CV), he/she looks out to the SUBJECT of the Mail first before any other thing.

For example; the employer instructs you to send you Curriculum Vitae using the “job title”. Let us say the job title is ACCOUNTANT.

What the employer wants to see in the subject is ACCOUNTANT not ACCOUNTANT OFFICER or ACCOUNTING OFFICER. Seeing anything other than ACCOUNTANT at the subject of the mail can take attention away from your E-mail and the employer will not even get to open your mail not to talk of reading your Curriculum Vitae.

Secondly, the subject of the mail. Like I said earlier, the employer has many E-mails to read and so you don’t want to stress him/her with big grammar or poor English.

I have seen many applications Dead On Arrival because of this. Of course, put yourselves in the Employer’s shoes. You are recruiting  for people with good communications skill and when you asked them to send their Curriculum Vitae, they started blowing foul grammars.

I know you too will be pissed and you won’t consider their applications. For example; A man sent his Curriculum Vitae to a particular employer some times ago and here is what he said;

“I hereby by forward my CV for the vacancy of the post of Accounting officer in your organization known as  ***, at ***. Please found the attached document of my curriculum Vitae below. Thank you Sir”

I know I do not need to explain to you that this contains quite a lot of error. Apart from that, this does not in anyway show a skill of communicating formally. There is no courtesy and that definitely will not please the employer. Instead, this is a good way to present your Curriculum Vitae so that it won’t be Dead On Arrival and the employer will be pleased to consider your application.

Dear Sir/Ma,

Sequel to the vacancy advertised by your reputable firm, I hereby apply for the position of Accounting Officer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

I have attached my Curriculum Vitae (CV) for your consideration.



{Phone Number}

Or simply Copy & Paste your Cover Letter into the body of the Email.

The employer will definitely be happy to open your Curriculum Vitae when he/she sees this. It is straight to the point, gives a tip to what your Curriculum Vitae entails and contains no error. You can write it down and model it in your next application to see wonders.


You can only be qualified for a particular job when your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not Dead On Arrival, so ensure you do not fall into the trap by scrolling up to read that carefully.

Yes, you are qualified when the employer reads your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and is pleased with what he sees. By this time, you are a potential successful applicant, I will explain in details how to go about the further process smoothly in my next publication. However, being qualified is a very good feat that will get you a job as you will get an invite for interview/further step.

Not Qualified:

You are not qualified for a particular job when your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Dead On Arrival or you simply do not meet the requirements set by the employer.

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Take Home:

Ensure you do everything possible to ensure your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not Dead On Arrival as this is the most important step that determines your future when an you get a a request saying “Send Me Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)”.

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