It is one’s right to live in a sustainable society that assures its citizens’ freedom, health, and equality. In order to do so, skills which can be developed through STEM fields such as critical thinking, complex problem solving skills, and making informed decisions are necessary for the younger generation



However, Latin American countries are behind in the STEM field, especially Peru. According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012, Peruvian students ranked last, among 65 participating countries, in both math and natural science. Similarly, a report from the Second Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study (SERCE) indicates that Peruvian students scored below the regional average (UNESCO, 2008). In third grade mathematics, more than half of the student population reached only the 2 lowest achievement level. The SERCE also figured an enormous gap between students living in the countryside versus the city. The rural students’ average test scores were three times lower than those of urban students. This suggests the reality of STEM education in Peru strongly in disagreement with the equality of human right.


We as Educate For are eager to create positive impact in the STEM field. We believe that science education can cultivate a young learner’s perception to enhance one’s future life options and the future of the world.

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