{:en}Mission and Values{:}{:es}Mision y Valores {:}{:ja}ミッション・コアバリュー{:}

Power of Education

Education allows one to have the freedom to decide their own future. By arranging a way to bring opportunities to children around the world using education both inside and outside the classroom, we are able to bring a sense of freedom and power to the children, therefore, leading to an increase in happiness.

Youth Collaboration

We believe that a big component of being happy includes appreciation and collaboration. Currently in first world countries, many have countless possessions and opportunities, yet that does not always correlate with happiness. What is usually forgotten in first world countries is the appreciation of the privileges we receive. By appreciating the experiences and materials we have, and by sharing them with those who were not given the chance to gain the same privileges, people are able to acknowledge how blessed each person is.

Equality for All

Everyone deserves and should be given the opportunities and experiences to fulfill their dreams.